AI-powered video retargeting

Dynamic, precise and with 5X guaranteed ROAS. With AI-powered video retargeting we automatically create a video out of every single one of your products. Then, we serve them to the right customer at the right time on platforms like YouTube, Facebook & Instagram. This ensures no ad spend is directed wrongly and with extremely high relevance you’ll get the most from your precious budget.


1. Product feed

We get the product data such as image, name and unique selling points directly from your site.


2. Video template

Either you provide your own creative, or we can help you. Regardless, we’re sure it’ll be awesome.


3. Real-time AI-magic

Proprietary algorithms automatically creates, uploads and serves your ads to the right customer. All with automatic bidding and optimization. Just sit back and relax.


The future of dynamic marketing.

Gone are the days when serving a single message to a large audience was the only option. With our technology, you have the power to target single individuals with the information they’ve provided by visiting your website.

The best part? It’s automatic.


Maximize returns on your adspend.

With machine learning algorithms that automatically determine where your money generates the most impact, you never have to worry about misdirected funds. The key benefit here is timesaving, the 5X ROAS guarantee is just a bonus.


Serve the right product.

You already know which customer has shown interest in which product. You also know that there’s a high likelihood that customer frequents Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. Instead of simply promoting your brand in their feed, remind your customers about their specific product interests.


Want to know more?

We’d love to tell you all about how MIVIO can help you reach new heights in video marketing.

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