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With MIVIO the power of personalization is at your fingertips. Create videos showcasing individual customers progress this month, videos congratulating your customers on their birthday or welcome a new prospect in the best way possible with a personalized video containing their name and a special offer.

The possibilities are endless.

Features & Benefits

Power At Your Fingertips

MIVIO enables a level of customization that marketers previously only could dream about. Imagine greeting every single prospect in a personal way. It’s the way it’s been done in real life for decades, now it’s possible online.

Hit the sweet-spot

Bulls eye, every time

Target the right customer with the right information. Each element in your video can be customized from your big data.

Improve your results

Better CTR

Up to +400% CTR compared to generic messages in video marketing. 

Variations are key

Unlimited variations

The power of AI and automatic video creation makes it possible for us to create tens of thousands of variations from a single video. The only limit is the size of your imagination.

Bespoke videos

Different messages

Customize your message based on location, current weather, usage data or any other parameter you like. Because all people are different, it’s important that your marketing videos are too.

Want to know more?

We’d love to tell you all about how MIVIO can help you reach new heights in video marketing.

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