Engagement has never been easier.

Bring your marketing to life with hyper-personalized videos. Wether you want to individually connect with your target audience in loyalty platforms, through AI-powered video advertising or directly on your website, we’ve got the solution for you.

Our services

Hyper-personalized loyalty videos.

AI-powered video retargeting.

On-site interactive videos that engage.

You've got all the data,
Now what?

With MIVIO, all that accumulated data can be put to use. Our system renders individual videos for all your customers or products, on the fly. Use them in video retargeting, loyalty platforms or on-site.

Of people want more video content from brands.
Increase in CTR with video content in e-mails
More time spent on pages with video content


Founded in 2019 by a team of highly passionate online marketers, MIVIO strives to transform the way we connect with customers through video.

What if every customer could be served an individually created video, just for them? We think it’s the next paradigm in online marketing.

The power of AI

We understand that with thousands of variations of a single video ad it’s not viable to optimize every single one – regardless of what platform you use.

Our AI takes care of all the optimization and bidding in real-time, so that you may utilize your own time on developing your business instead.

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