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AI powered video ads
with a guaranteed ROAS

  • Well-developed machine learning algorithms for best budget & bidding optimization possible.
  • Personalized Video Marketing in Youtube, Google, Facebook & Instagram Ads.
  • Guaranteed minimum ROAS.


“Mivio delivered a 13X return on ad spend on the first budget.”

– Charlotte Katz, CDO

What's the hype about?

Machine learning

With AI-powered real-time bid optimization over several platforms, we deliver your ads with surgical precision and maximum cost efficiency to your target audience. The algorithms grow and learn over time to ensure constant betterment.


Serve your site visitors with video ads that build your brand while containing the right product for the right person. All based on that specific persons previous behaviours and interests.

Guaranteed ROAS

Our algorithms have been fine-tuned to perfection in order to ensure a minimum return on ad spend. Since the algorithms learn by doing, the higher your budget – the better the ROAS.

Where will your ads show?


Google Display Network

Your ads will be delivered on millions of web-pages throughout the web, reaching every potential customer.


Youtube Prerolls

Individual product ads in YouTube preroll campaigns ensure no viewer goes untouched by your message.


Facebook & Instagram

Two of the largest social media networks in the universe, with billions of daily active users, all available through our platform.



Coming soon*

“AI is not just heading for our industry, it will radically change the machinery we use in marketing.”

– Tim Berners-Lee
Creator, World Wide Web


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